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Commercial goat farming business is not a new idea. People have been raising goats for profit for a long time. Among the traditional agribusiness ideas, goat farming is comparatively more profitable than other types agribusiness.

That’s the main reason of huge popularity of goat farming business throughout the world. Goats are suitable for commercial milk, meat and mohair production. More than 60 per cent of the red meat that is consumed throughout the world is  goat meat.

And commercial goat farming business can be a perfect one. There are numerous new and established goat farms available around the world. Most of them are raising goats for profit. Although all business ideas are not suitable or perfect for all areas. Seeds of Gold is not forcing you, we are just telling the possibilities of making profits from this business as the year begins.

Start small  
It’s advisable to start with at least 25 females (does) and a male (buck), this will help you to build pens gradually for expansion if you want to go into commercial system. There’s a lot to learn about goat farming, so start small and improve your goat farming over time.

Lets make it together

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